"Everybody LOVED the scones, the sandwiches and the desserts,
it was unbelieveable, they were so impressed."

-Jessica Fender '07

"Everything was wonderful"
-Amra '07

"That was the best thing I've ever eaten in my life!" (Charlotte's)
-Valerie Bumbarger

"Those were the best scones I've ever eaten"
- Sue Glass

Candra Coogan, proprietress of Tranquility Baking Company, provided everything I needed to throw a Brial Shower Tea Party for my niece. She arrived promptly with every little detail covered - sugar cubes, honey stix, tranquility cream, lemon curd - you name it, it was not overlooked. The tea selection was incredible too. The scones, tea sandwiches and desserts were so fresh and delicious we all overate instead of passing anything up. I'm looking forward to the next event I host so that I can avail myself of her services again!
- Mary Alice Cole

"Everything was fabulous"
- Dr. Rhonda Gordon

"Those scones were the best I've ever tasted"
- Dr. Gordon's receptionist

"You were a huge hit today! Beautiful presentation; the women were in awe."
- Marti

"Thank you so much for making the party a huge success.
Everyone had a great time and loved the food."

-Stacey Fine

"A tranquil heart is life to the body." Proverbs 14:30a